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20 Year Of Working Experience

Our team comes with years of diverse experience to provide, not just solutions, but smart solutions.

About Us

Proven Industry Expertise

We craft awesome solutions that are smart and robust.
No matter what the business problems are there is solution hiding in plain sight.


Working Process

At Memri Tech we follow agile methodologies of development. We deliver continously.


At Memri Tech we don't 'sell' solutions to our customers.
We first analyse and understand through research.
We work diligently with the customers to understand the problems.


At Memri Tech 'design' is most important part of our development process.
We create detailed design for the solution.
We share our design with our customers.
We believe design is a pre requisite to a sound solution.


Only after we have done our research and design that we start writing code.
We write clean code. Our developers are polyglot.
Our developers have outstanding development skills in multiple languages incluing Java, Python, C# and others.


At Memri Tech launching of a solution goes through rigorous testing.
We automate tests for our solution.
We share test results with our customers to build confidence and sense of partnership.
We automate builds and deliver continously using agile methodologies.


Our Best Services

With years of experience, Memri Tech Inc offers a variety of tech solutions that will cater to every aspect of your business needs

Digital Transformation

Our digital solutions carve the path for organizations to modernize infrastructure and optimize workflow like never before.
We will learn your business and help you automate worklfows to save cost, increase productivity and security.

Data Management & Analytics

We let your data write your story. We will bring all your data in one place.
Our experts will build your data lake in cloud of your choice at a minimal cost.
We excel in data linking, data enrichment, data consistency and data cleanup thus providing high level of master data management and data governance.
We protect data from prying eyes and provide data security and compliance strategies.
We will build extensive reporting portal for your data with embedded visuals.

Generative AI Solutions

Memri Tech pioneers innovation with Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG), fine-tuning of Large Language Models (LLMs), and observability. From concept to reality, our solutions undergo meticulous fine-tuning for optimal performance. Generative AI drives data-driven insights and human-centric design for dynamic observability. Experience next-generation solutions tailored to your needs with Memri Tech Inc's innovative approach.


Our Mobile solutions bring important and pertinent information right in your hands.
Our experts will work with you to build your mobile experience.
We will ensure that stakeholders get the information they need right in their hand.

Staff Augumentation

Staff augmentation allows companies to scale their teams quickly without the overhead of traditional hiring processes. It offers flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and access to a global talent pool. There is huge advantage for hiring form India.

  • Skilled Professionals: India is renowned for its large pool of highly skilled and educated IT professionals.
  • Cost Savings: Labor costs in India are significantly lower compared to many Western countries.
  • Time Zone Advantage: Working with Indian professionals enables around-the-clock productivity and support.

Cloud Managed Services

We have epxertise in all major clouds including AWS, Azure, GCP.
We can craft your cloud infrastructure.
We can migrate your on-prem installation to cloud of your choice.
We provide end to end continuous cloud services from inception, migration to maintenance and monitoring.


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